Wandi Ndlovu Suicidal

Worry Spreads as My Body Works For Me Star Wandi Ndlovu Shares Suicidal Message on Instagram

My Body Works For Me reality TV star Wandi Ndlovu has left social media users concerned with her recent update on her Instagram stories.

Cryptic Post Raises Questions About Her Well-being

The adult entertainment star recently posted on her Instagram stories the word suicidal with a broken heart emoji sparking speculation that she is suicidal.

While she has not shed more light on the meaning of her post, social media users weighed in on it.

Social Media Reacts: Compassion and Insensitivity

Some of the comments were compassionate while others were downright insensitive. A section of those who weighed in on the post felt that the suicidal thoughts were a result of her line of work which they argued is not easy on one’s mental health. There is also a section who accused her of clout chasing.

Below are some of the comments:


She’s always seemed so happy and in control it’s shocking to hear this about her. I hope she fights these thoughts bakithi 🥺💔


This job is not easy at all


strength to her to overcome these thoughts.


Smoke a joint you will be fine, it you feel suicidal again smoke another one


She’s not suicidal, when she really we’ll all know


How many in such business end up attempting suicide, or atleast attempt to ,depression or dive straight into substance abuse💁‍♂️

Cluster off all those spirits,when someone preach that having sex with multiple causes such he or she is ridiculed

Hambo Geza amathunzi!!!!!

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