Zim Socialite Mai TT Who Hired Kelly Khumalo For “Fairytale Wedding” Responds To Husband’s R4.5m Lawsuit

Zimbabwean Socialite Vows To Hire Kelly Khumalo Again For Next Wedding As Marriage Collapses Within Months
Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa in happier times on their wedding day with Kelly Khumalo. (Image Credit: Mai Titi Facebook)

Zim Socialite Mai TT Who Hired Kelly Khumalo For “Fairytale Wedding” Responds To Husband’s R4.5m Lawsuit


Controversial Zimbabwean socialite Mai TT has seemingly added fuel to a raging inferno with her furious public response to her estranged husband’s US$250 000 (R4.5 million) defamation lawsuit.

Mai TT did not take it well when her estranged husband, Tinashe Maphosa, filed the massive defamation lawsuit against her. In the lawsuit, the US-based Tinashe Maphosa claimed that she had tarnished his image with her reckless statements.

The social media personality claimed her ex-husband was a serial liar, abusive rapist and a criminal who used her name to borrow money.


Zim Socialite Mai TT Who Hired Kelly Khumalo For "Fairytale Wedding" Responds To Husband's R4.5m Lawsuit
[Image: Facebook/Mai T’s Diaries]

After receiving the summons, Mai TT took to social media to pour scorn on Maphosa. In a now-deleted post, Mai TT used strong language, saying,


“You steal from me; you run away, then you serve me stupid summons that I should pay you for telling the world that you stole from me, imbwa mugodhoyi [rapid dog].

“Samariyangu yawakaba (I want the money that you stole from me). Stop sending your stupid lawyers here. Give me my money you stole in my house.

“Satan, muroyi (witch) Musatanyoko, bring yourself to Zimbabwe, if you didn’t steal.

“Imbwa musatanyoko, musatanyoko wako Tinashe damari yangu zimbavha ziSatan mugodhoyi muroyi.”


After deleting the post, which contained coarse language, Mai TT accused her husband of trying to use the legal system to silence her. She posted,


“He wants to silence me through the courts, but I will not be silenced.

“I will let the whole world know that Tinashe is a criminal.

“I was healing, I stopped talking about him, he stole from me and the whole world laughed at me and now he is back to finish me off with a lawsuit.

“He stole from me, ran away and now he is serving me summons because I told the world that he stole from me.

“He should stop sending me lawyers and just give me what he owes me.”


The comedian, real name Felistus Murata, married United States-based Tinashe Maphosa in April this year.

In an interview, she claimed that she had splashed close to US$100 000 (approximately R1.67 million) on her fairytale wedding.

Unfortunately, less than four months after the extravagant wedding, Mai TT and Tinashe Maphosa’s marriage hit the rocks.

The socialite made a series of allegations against her husband and claimed that he did not contribute to the wedding costs. 

Maphosa allegedly refused to honour his word to reimburse Mai TT for some of the expenses incurred at the wedding.

One of the most significant expenses for the couple was hiring South Africa superstar Kelly Khumalo to perform at the event. 

Speaking after the wedding, Mai TT said,


“One of the expensive things at our wedding was bringing Kelly Khumalo here. It was worth it at the end of the day as it was my daughter’s dream just to hug her. I’m also a huge fan of hers, I fell in love with her on Empini.

“Dear Kelly, you left us bankrupt, but it’s ok, sisi, it was worth it.”



Memory Muyaka - Zim Socialite Mai TT Who Hired Kelly Khumalo For "Fairytale Wedding" Responds To Husband's R4.5m Lawsuit
Memory Muyaka [Image: Facebook]



This is not the first time that the socialite has been sued for shooting her mouth off on social media.

Just two years back, the High Court ordered her to pay a (then) massive Z$500 000 in damages to her former friend Memory Muyaka for her remarks on social media.

Muyaka, the owner of Khloe’s Home Decor, filed the defamation lawsuit at the High Court after Mai Titi called her “a prostitute, a witch and a gossiper” during a tirade on social media platforms.

High Court judge Justice Edith Mushore also slapped Mai Titi with the costs of the lawsuit and ordered that she pay the $500 000 at the prescribed interest rate starting from the day of judgment to the date of full payment.




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