DJ Zinhle has seemingly lifted the lid a little on her love life, showing off what could be her new man in a couple of Instagram snaps.

The popular DJ hasn’t revealed much detail about the new man in her life, only previously saying that she was involved.

Taking to Instagram recently, the DJ posted two intimate snaps of what appears to be a man’s hand holding hers.
And even though Zinhle didn’t reveal too much in her posts, she did affectionately refer to him as her James Bond. How adorable?!

zinhle holding hands with her new man
zinhle holding hands with her new man


Fans took to the comments sections to offer their thoughts on DJ Zinhle’s love life.

While some were over-the-moon at what they saw as a sign that DJ Zinhle had moved on, others warned her to keep any potential bae out of the spotlight.



She seemed to heed their warning, later posting a picture with the nickname “007”, suggesting that we might never be fully introduced to him.

In an interview with Anele, back in June, the DJ revealed that she was seeing someone but that it was not yet “official official”.

She also revealed that her man has “got the most amazing voice in the world,” and that he “wears a very expensive suit”.

Sounds like Zinhle may have scored herself a winner.

Source: Times


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