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21 reasons why people hate Zulus

1. They have their own province, KwaZulu-Natal.

2. More than 50 percent of TV personalities are Zulus

3. They say Zulus come to Jozi to drive taxis, but those taxis are not owned by Pedis. or Vendas, they’re owned by Zulus

4. Kwaito is in KZN

5. Government, KZN

6. KZN GDP is the second largest in the country.

7. Matric Pass rate is @ 5th place, that’s really not bad compared to
the Eastern Cape and Limpopo kwaMalema.

10. Zulus are the most popular ethnic group, if u go overseas they would assume u are a Zulu.

11. God is staying in KZN eNanda

12. Zulus have their own sole monarch, thee most respected Kingdom

13. They make more than one 3rd of the black population, they dominate 2 provinces, KZN and GP.

14. Zulu film, “Yesterday” was nominated for an Oscar.

15. Zulu acapella “Ladysmith Black Mambazo” has won 4 Grammy awards.

16. Weather in isiXhosa is called imoZulu

17. The Lion King intro is in Zulu.

18. The only nation in the world to defeat British Red army were the Zulus, @Isandlwana.

19. If people die, they go to “eZulwini (heaven) not eXhoseni or eSwazini.

20. My girl friend is a Zulu, aah

21. Zulus have their own football team on the PSL.

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49 thoughts on “21 Reasons Why People Hate Zulus”
  1. All our fellows foreigners bamtshela esasuka kwelakubo ukuthi bowufika laphaya uzokhuluma isi Zulu and us Zulu's we proud to call ourselfs we are the Zulu's is not easy to agree frm the hit bt vumani bo

  2. That feel good moment when your existence intermediates the whole Zulu nation without saying word. Now that's something to be proud of. Be you without comparing yourself to others. Whatever happened to self-esteem in Zulu-land. May the Indians make more money out of your resources while you fight a loosing battle with a crowd you only dream to be part of.

  3. LIMPOPO PROVINCE is the best in the whole of SOUTH. Y? SHE is the only province with 3 official languages, VENDAS, TSONGA, PEDI. GAUTENG is for nobody(UNITED STATES), NRTH-WEST(TSWANAS), FREE STATE(SOTHOS), NORTH-WESTERN-EASTERN CAPE(XHOSAS ONLY), KZN(OBVIOUS ZULUS), MPUMALANGA( DOMINATE SWATIS). We still the best in the country.

  4. lol* this is so true and guess what..only black people are commenting and hating which even proves that this statement is true. You can disagree but thats how it is. and to those saying KZN is surrounded by Indain bosses…Indians pple where given certain preferences then blacks/Zulus during apartheid and yet they still benefit from BEE but now, we are at another level we have a lot of young black people entrepreneurs. #ZulusRuleEndOfStory

  5. Siak Maka-Luhle Mafuna you very stupid we dont insult people we comment sisi…and this is just a post for us to apply our minds well around the issue by the way.

  6. Actually while I was reading the article i thought it just some humour which is why I was laughing. Only when I read the comments that i realized that it is divisive(i don't think that was intentional)…can we black people stop this utter nonsense that some tribes are better than the others or superior than the others? Each tribe is unique in it's own way…we can find good or bad in each tribe. Let it show that we went to school…Verwoed resides and is breeding excessively in our minds and we let him….

  7. Ag people, different cultures and cultural heritage is something to remember for it defines the human race in all its variants. It is to be cherished and not politicized.

  8. Agree. Once one realizes that we all share the same genome then it sets you free from these nonsensical differentiation. All that remains to be done, is live up to it and stop this lunacy by comparing one with others. Of course women do that to measure their beauty agains one another and it must be so for have they not received the greatest gift ever – being the custodian of life itself?

  9. Leeworx Ngobese anyone with a mission to divide black people must be condemned. the reason why the hutus and tutsis killed each ada was because they had assumptions that one ethnic group is better than another which is false bcz therez no imperical evidence to support those kind of claims….. so away with dividers

  10. Solly Kekana you have completely misunderstood my point/view…..I am ofcourse proud of being Zulu and I encourage other tribes to be proud of who they are instead of pointing out the negative about one another. Have a great day!

  11. Solly Kekana so sorry if you feel this is dividing. I'm a true South African who celebrates diversity. If people are saying it's feels great to be certain ethnic groups, we should celebrate that instead of criticism. It's people like you who are instigators of trouble. Were you going to say the same if it was a different ethnic person who was proud. . Is it because you hate Zulus. Please people Let us be accomodative. I leave overseas and white people are very proud of who they are, where they come from, where they've been. ….. They never look down on each other. ..Please stop preaching this hatred. Up Mzansi.. For true you ask any South African who've lived abroad. If you tell people you're a South African they just assume you are a Zulu. This is a fact. But that doesn't mean other South African ethnic groups are not important in our history. Celebrate diversity.

  12. Maybe they are. Grow Up and stop your hatred. It's people like you who start troubles in South Africa. If you were a true South African you wouldn't be full of hatred. You would celebrate diversity. But because you're are ill informed you are still trapped in the old enough era were black hated black. Please we are here and now.

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