Koyo Bala of 3Sum has lost the battle against cancer. The musician is reported to have died this morning at a Cape Town hospital according to SOWETAN LIVE.

In an interview with Daily Sun in January Koyo said he was not going to let his cancer get him down. “I believe this year holds great things for me” he said.

Koyo, who came out about his HIV status in 2012, said having to deal with cancer had not made him want to give up in life.

He had been looking forward to coming back to the music scene after he took a break to focus on his health. “The music I’m making is about me, my life and the terrible pain I have been through,” he said in a past interview.

The gay socialite said his music is his way of showing appreciation to people who support and love him during this difficult time.

“I’m still battling cancer but I told myself I won’t let it rule my life. When I’m lying in my bed feeling terrible pain I tell myself I will wake up in the morning and use my time positively.”



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