67 Year Old Bachelor Ian Khama Asks The Nation Help Him Locate His ‘Future Wife’

Bachelor Ian Khama Ask The Nation Help Him Locate His ‘Future Wife’

Former President of Botswana, His Excellency Lieutenant General Dr. Seretse Khama showed that he is a humorist when he called for his followers to help him look for a currently unknown 9-year-old girl who wrote a hilarious and touching composition directed to him. In response, the former leader reposted the girl’s content of his official Facebook account and captioned it,” Can anyone help me look for my future wife ?”

67 Year Old Bachelor Ian Khama Ask The Nation Help Him Locate His 'Future Wife'
Bachelor Ian Khama Ask The Nation Help Him Locate His ‘Future Wife’ : PIC : Former President Ian Khama : Image Credit : Instagram

In a lengthy reading, the young girl indicated that she is beautiful and she enjoys watching BTV news. She goes on to say that when she grows up she wants to get married to Ian Khama since he is a good man who additionally does not have any children.

The ambitious young lady further says that she learned that Khama is a good person on Botswana Television where she always saw him handing out food hampers and blankets to the less privileged. Sadly she indicated that her mother is unemployed and sometimes she goes to bed on empty stomach and it breaks her heart when she often asks for food from neighbors, hence she needs to get married to the former statesman to balance the equation. Below is the letter, titled,’What I want to be when I grow up’.

”My name is Kago Ramontshe. I am a girl of 9 years and I am beautiful. I like to watch BTV news. When I grow up I want to be Ian Khama’s wife I want to get married to him because he is a good person and he doesn’t have children. I always watch BTV news to see him give people clothes. I wish one day he marry me so that I can eat many food not asking food from neighbours because mama is not working”,she wrote.


Can anyone help me trace my future wife🙏🏼

Posted by Seretse Khama Ian Khama on Sunday, September 20, 2020

A number of supporting followers have been touched by the message and have further assured the former president that they will help him locate the girl so that he can help her financially including her jobless mother. Below were some of the hilarious and heartbreaking remarks left by his followers.

”Tino Mambeu
So touching …. she needs support. Thank you President you will find her and give her respite from poverty.”

”Ookeditse Bazibi
Focal point…… ‘because mama is not working’. my heart is bleeding for I know what this means. may the good Lord bless her mama with a job. 🙏🏼”

”Gontse Mokibito
This is the communication of the angelic spirits through the innocent child. Please locate her and assist accordingly sir you will be heavenly rewarded.”

Cecilia Samuel
”May the good Lord locate her for you sir,this is a symbol of blessings behind you sir. It was said let them come to me coz the kindom of heaven is there’s. Amen”

Lucky Peter
”So touching nd ispiring at the same time..God bless you Rre Khama you are indeed a role model to us and a Father to all nations may God multiply your days of living Sir while you keep on tracing that secret admire of yours…”

Leonard Mpontshang
”Mongwame, phuti yame may you please trace this kid and assist her accordingly. The kid is living in abject poverty. I can also assist you if I can know the origin of the letter. # 73230718”

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