I’ve made a list of things you should never, under any circumstance, tell your man if you want the relationship to survive. We’re not saying keep things from each other but some things are better left unsaid.

1. Never admit that you hate his mother…even if he badmouths her first (the Silence Is Golden rule)

It can be tempting to add your two cents as your husband is telling you yet another story about his controlling, manipulative, buttinsky mother. Tempting to say, “You think that’s bad? The other day she told me all of our son’s good qualities come from her! She’s just a delusional, dried-up old cow who wishes she could be married to you and who resents the hell out of me just because you love me!” Take a deep breath and hold your tongue. Remember, he can say whatever he wants, because she’s his mommy. If you agree too adamantly, bad things will happen to your relationship, not the least of which is that your husband will never let you forget your slip up and will preface everything he says about her with that.
2. Never tell him that his best friend made a pass at you…(the No Harm, No Foul rule)

Unless he is a repeated offender never do this. This will result in a massive fight between the two men and also your husband might start being suspicious of you. Some men might go as far as suspecting that you encouraged their friends to make a pass at you. It might end up sounding like you had an affair.

3. Never confess to past infidelities…(the Don’t Tell, Don’t Tell rule)

Now, girls, I’d hope this goes without saying, but I’ll mention it anyway. I don’t care if you were 20 and dru_nk at the time; never admit that you cheated while in a committed relationship. On the subject of fidelity, you are above reproach. And not being a cheater yourself, you have zero tolerance for cheaters. But in all seriousness, you have to ask yourself how the relationship could possibly benefit from your true confessions, and I think you’ll see the answer is not at all. Doubt can do serious damage.

4. Don’t tell him that one of your girlfriends is cheating on her husband…(the Keep Your Big Fat Mouth Shut rule)

Just keeping your own past slipups under wraps is not enough. In general, you must act as though infidelity is equal to murder. You know it exists, you’ve read about it in the papers, but you certainly don’t know anyone who has actually committed it. (This won’t always be easy)

5. Don’t say he’s not as hard as he used to be…(the It’s Your Memory That’s Getting Soft rule)

So your husband doesn’t have the tumescence of a 20-year-old frat boy. I bet you don’t have the stamina of Venus Williams. I say this not to make you feel bad about your own aging body but to help you appreciate (or at least accept) his.

6. Never tell him that it does bother you that you make more money than he does…(the Being Married to You Is a Full-Time Job rule)

Really ladies, some things are better kept quiet. Is it necessary? Marriage is collective, everyone brings something to the table whether emotionally, physically or financially.

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