Boity Thulo has reportedly dumped the lights and cameras that come with being a celebrity to focus on her ancestral call to become a sangoma.

The beautiful public figure, who has over the past years carved her name in the entertainment industry said it is now time for her to listen to her ancestors after having been ‘stubborn’ for years. A close family friend said Boity had to drop all the projects that she had been doing to answer the call and has reportedly enrolled in a sangoma training school. “She has been having dreams since she was a child to be a sangoma, but she has been stubborn about it” A source claimed. “However, this time the dreams came back strong and she would suffer from migraines.” The source added.


Another source said the actress and tv presenter was initially not happy to heed the ancestor’s call but eventually she ‘blended’ in and can throw bones with accuracy . “You should see her throwing bones. She can predict and diagnose problems with pinpoint accuracy”, the source said.

A third source said her much publicised breakup with Cassper Nyovest was the final straw in her decision as she did not understand why they broke up. “One minute they were happy, then boom, it’s over”. The source said. “She spent time meditating and the ancestors told her she would never have a prosperous relationship if she does not become a songoma”

Boity was not available to comment as it was said she was not allowed to talk to the media until she finishes her training in July.

Source : iMzansi Satire



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