Buhle ‘Matsidiso’ Samuels Leaves Men Drooling After Posting Sexy Video

Matshidiso fired from Muvhango?

Buhle ‘Matsidiso’ Samuels leaves men drooling after posting sexy video

Johannesburg, South Africa

Former Muvhango actress Matsidiso has once again set social media abuzz after posting a sexy video of herself twerking showing off her voluptuous body.

In January Buhle Samuels left her followers asking for more after posting a video and pictures of herself doing the cat walk, presumably in her kitchen. The pictures sent her straight to the Twitter trends list, with some women saying she had inspired them to go back to gym.
Buhle Samuels was previously a subject of speculation that her bum had either been surgically enhanced or she wore bum-enhancing underwear during her early days on Muvhango.
Moreover; in July the actress became the first South African to partner with international lingerie company Bra N Things.

“It started with my love for lingerie. My management spoke to their management and identified synergies between the two brands, that culminated into the relationship we have.
I think I tried doing that for some time but I came to understand that God created me this way because he intended it that way, and trying to make others comfortable isn’t part of why he created me. He made me this way to celebrate myself in all my glory and I should never apologise for it.
Fuller women weren’t always represented in lingerie marketing, so it’s great to see a brand that’s consciously changing that narrative and becoming more inclusive of their everyday customer.
I try to watch what I eat the most because that’s 80 percent of the job done. Then I try to run around the neighborhood but I hate running, and then I do some weight training but because of all that’s happening, I am also getting myself motivated with a personal trainer. I find it helps give me a good head start then when I exercise on my own I’m motivated,” said Buhle Samuels.

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  1. i can never explain the sadness in me, Sindi is my Role Model, my inspiration please God be with her during her recovery I LOVE YOU SINDI and you will get better soon…. and get back to what you do best. May Gods angels watch over you speedy recovery LOVELY MOM…

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