Refilwe “Cassper Nyovest” Phoolo has revealed in an interview on Slikouronlife that it will cost him R25 million to fill up Orlando Stadium. The conversation started off when the Mama I Made It hit maker saw Slikour holding his AG phone, thanking him for actually using it, saying most of his friends bought the phone but always leave it at home or just give it to their cousins. He said he was grateful that Slikour and 702 presenter Sizwe Dhlomo use his phone.

Cassper and Slikour met up at Nasty C’s concert, with Cassper saying he was always available to support the Hell Naw hit maker because he is “a special breed of a musician” and inspires him because of his humility.

The two went on to talk about Cassper’s tours, with the musician saying they had been successful, but at some point he thought people weren’t coming because, apparently, South Africans prefer buying tickets at the door.

He then talked about his plans to fill up Orlando Stadium, saying he was still struggling to get sponsors after he successfully filled the Coca-Cola Dome, the first South African artist to do so.

“I did this with my own money last year and was helped by my businessmen friends and some of the brands like BP and AG Mobile pitched in and helped me, but the majority … I lost like R3.2 million of my own money, doing this, to show brands that this is what we could do.”

This year things are proving difficult for Cassper, as he says he’s still in meetings with brands trying to explain “this thing that I’m doing”.

He further suggests that Slikour should get him sponsors for the show, “even if it’s R5 million man, I’m tryna do this crazy thing. I want people to faint on that night and for that to happen I need R25 million.

“If you’re watching this and you know an investor or you’re an investor, I need 25, you can come with five, it’s fine, it will help us.”

Watch the interview from Slikour Onlife:

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