An aggrieved woman has taken to social media to air her woes after she was involved in a bitter fight over a man.

The most ironic thing in this case is she was bitten by her husband’s side chick after trying to corner the latter into a bitter fight.

Puleng Kholobe (33) decided to confront her husband’s mistress Nonhle (25) and challenge her to a fight. It seems she grossly miscalculated the younger woman who not only gave her a whooping but bit her hand as well.

Reeling with both shame and anger, Puleng decided to post the picture on social media even tagging Nonhle in the post. She ranted in an epistle about man snatchers and elaborated on the shamelessness of some men.

She thinks she can silence me because she showed that she’s stronger than me. I will NOT be silenced! I’m taking this to the police and see who has the last laugh. she wrote

Someone pointed out that she had brought it upon herself but most seemed to be sympathising with her woes and started a mini movement based on ousting side chicks and home wreckers.




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