1. “Message first. Some do, but most expect for the guy to message first. It makes me more interested in her if she puts in the effort to get the ball rolling.” —Sbu, 23

2. “Ask follow-up questions in the ‘get to know you’ stage of communication feels less like an interrogation and more like a conversation.” —Vuyo, 26

3. “Make the first move.” —Lindani, 22

4. “Unmatch if they aren’t actually interested.” —Sean, 22

5. “Message first — especially if they swipe last.” —Nkosi, 24

6. “Say what they want from the beginning.” —Dan, 22

7. “I actually just deleted Badoo once again out of frustration. Like, 95% of the details are either how you like my dog more than me, ‘I don’t know what to even put here,’ or ‘Does anyone even read this?’ Yes, some of us actually do read the bio, and in fact I’ll be far more likely to swipe left if yours is empty. Conversely, those who put some personality to go along with their pictures always stand out to me, no matter what. Because, you know, a date can only go so far when your only thing in common is ‘I thought you looked cute in that one picture.'” —Chris, 22

8. “Engage in political debates.” —Bheki, 22

9. “Be honest.” —Tebelo, 23

10. “Engage in a more stimulating conversation rather than simply writing ‘hey’ or ‘hi.'” —Katlego, 23

11. “Reply.” —Joe, 25

12. “Stop ghosting. At least be honest and say you’re not feeling it.” —Khumbulani, 23

13. “Be more transparent with what they’re looking for.” —Themba, 21

14. “I wish woman would be more straight-forward…If you are not interested, don’t bother.” —Josh, 23

15. “Swipe right…” —Rajesh, 22

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