The fear of African magic is the beginning of all wisdom! Black magic is real and another man’s wife is a no go area no matter the temptations.

One Soweto man learnt this lesson the hard way after his dalliance with a married woman.

The ‘victim’ identified as Khumbulani (29) woke up with his pen_is having moved a couple of inches down to his knee.

To say it’s a medical condition defies logic as one day it was in it’s rightful place and the next it had moved.

According to Dr Kenneth Oosthuizen, a specialist in urology; “If it was a birth defect we would have come up with a scientific explanation as to why this occurred but this…I’ve never come across something like this in the 20 years I’ve been in the medical field”

According to close sources the woman’s husband was tipped off by ‘concerned’ neighbours that his wife was carrying on an affair with Khumbulani behind his back.

Instead of confronting the cheaters he decided to use a rather unconventional method, which is consulting the services of a witch doctor.

The result was Khumbulani’s overnight defect.

While we could not interview all the parties involved on record, word is that Khumbulani is planning to go and ask for forgiveness from the husband so he can be set free.

It looks like a mountain climb lies ahead of him




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