A group of prostitutes is offering three days of free s_ex in celebration of Easter. The group operates from Durban’s popular nightspot, Butterworth and comprises ladies of the night from different countries.

“As part of our Easter celebrations, we will be declaring a three-day free s_ex in this establishment. We want all our members to honor this directive,” the group’s spokesperson Liakanyo said a text message forwarded to iMzansi earlier today.

The group hopes its generous offer will encourage other chritians to stop judging their profession and know that they are forced into these situations. “We want to use this privilege to let everyone that we really do not want to be in this position. We also want to see the light but we have girls from different parts of the country and our neighboring countries as well.  Most of the girls in here are actually from Zimbabwe but we work well together. We just do not want people to judge us. God created s_ex and Jesus himself had his feet washed by a p_rostitute as seen in but he did not judge. We believe his death was for all of therefore we want to celebrate by offering this harmless struggle,” the circular declared.

The circular also went on to ask on single men to take advantage of this free offer. ‘Married men will have to pay if they want our services’

One p_rostitute who identified herself as NyoQueen said, ‘We do not want to be judged. Each t his own and we will face judgement day on our own. We are just doing what we feel is right at this moment. The free s_ex times are from this Friday 25 April 2016 till Monday 28 April. If we find out that you are married and trying to take advantage, we will make you pay double the fee’ she said.

Butterworth Hotel is in the Durban CBD.

Source : iMzansi