A young secondary school girl had the guts to bring her boyfriend into her parents house, because no one was at home she and the guy started having s*x.

Unfortunately for her, her dad came back right on time. The guy escaped but her angry dad stripped and gave her some hot strokes.Events leading to the unfortunate event suggest that the girl was in the habit of bringing her lover at home because the father was always at work, being a single parent.

However, on the fateful day, the father got sick at work where he works as a boilermaker and decided to head back home to rest. Upon arrival, he got the shock of his life to find that his one and only daughter paying the hide your sausage in my honey pot game with her math teacher.

When the two discovered they had been bust, the 39 year old teacher made for the exit and evaded the angry father. The girl could not find anywhere to hide and unfortunately for her, she was given a heavy beating in the nu_de. Neighbors tried to intervene but the father threatened to let out his anger on them.

It was not ascertained at time of going to press if any police case was opened or what had happened with the teacher.

Source : iMzansi


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