Guys are most of the time afraid of dating a Girl from the  Eastern Cape Province or basically a Xhosa. The reasons may defer but some also really enjoy dating them and some of the reasons they gave really made me love our Xhosa ladies the more.


Anyone who has gotten the opportunity of dating a Xhosa girl can attest to the undisputed fact that,when it comes to body,dont go there,they are the power house of shapes when it comes to women in Mzansi.


Xhosa girls normally have this yellow ‘bonish’ complexion,which makes them look very attractive. Am sure you can imagine her in her black silky nightgown at night and you will think to yourself that you the most luckiest person on planet earth.

Some also have a nice habit of keeping their selves very clean and they basically hate to bleach.


Apart from being neat,they also tend to be very faithful and honest.Which am sure are some of the basic qualities every man needs in a woman to wife her.


Xhosa parents are mostly disciplinarians and give least or no chance for their daughter to misbehave or even sons,they always make sure to instill basic and fundamental life principles into their kids and that always makes them serious in life.


Am sure if you had the chance to ever taste a meal from the Eastern Cape region,you will be very appreciative of the fact that they are really truly good cooks.

Source : iMzansi


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