There are many things that are unacceptable in society. It doesn’t mean we don’t do them. We just lie about those things.

I bet you just thought of a few!

Hypocrisy is rampant in Mzansi. There are things we do that society frowns on. So, we lie and pretend we don’t do them. Here are 5 things every South African lies about doing:

1. Lying

Every South African lies. Some are pathological liars. Others just tell the occasional white lie. But every South Africans lies about lying. It’s so funny. Society expects you to be truthful. You’ve probably just told someone “I will come” even though you have no intention of going there.

2. Gambling/MMM

Our parents painted gamblers as the worse of the worst. Gambling brings easy money. Many South Africans gamble but lie about it so they are not judged.

3. Not going to church
Many South Africans who were raised in the Christian faith hardly go to church these days. They have turned Sundays to wash days and such. But ask them if they go to church and you’d get a resounding yes!

4. Disrespecting older people
Our culture frowns on disrespecting people older than you. Even if they are asking for it with their actions. Many Nigerians would disrespect an older person. Then turn around and preach respect your elders to kids.

5. Stealing meat from the pot
We’ve all done this. But we never admit to doing it especially when we’re queried by our mothers.

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