A teacher at a school in rural KwaZulu Natal was recently found murdered and is AMG Mercedes Benz missing. The man, who is not a South African national, originates from Ghana.

Police identified the man as one Francis Boateng  , a Ghanaian teacher who was  teaching at Uxim in KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. According to his family, he was a Kumasi boy who resided at Dichemso a suburb of Kumasi with his family before sojourning to South Africa a few years ago. Before he left for South Africa, he was a teacher at Kings International School in Kumasi.

Details coming in relation to his death have revealed that he was threatened by a man after he saw text messages which suggested that he was having an affair with his girlfriend.

Francis, however, ignored the warning and days later. he was found tied up and stabbed to death as seen in this photo.


When iMzansi put it out there for his family to reach out, they did reach out and arrangements have been made to get through the High Commissioner’s Office.

Source : iMzansi


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