Okmalumkoolkat Princess Zulu DivorceOkmalumkoolkat and Princess Zulu in happier times (Image: Instagram)

Okmalumkoolkat and Princess Zulu Headed For Divorce Months After 8-Year Celebration

In a surprising turn of events, the renowned rapper Okmalumkoolkat and his wife, Princess Zulu, are on the brink of divorce, just a few months after marking eight years together.

Okmalumkoolkat’s Wife Princess Zulu Confirms Divorce

Princess Zulu herself confirmed the news of their separation, sharing it on her Instagram page along with an old picture of herself and Okmalumkoolkat. She wrote:

Amafu’s dad and I are no longer together #respectfully.

At the time of writing, Princess Zulu had not shed light on why she and Okmalumkoolkat are headed for a divorce.

A Look Back at Their Relationship: The Eight-Year Milestone

Okmalumkoolkat, whose real name is Smiso Mkhasibe, and Princess Zulu exchanged vows in December 2019. This announcement comes just two months after they celebrated their eighth anniversary as a couple.

During their anniversary celebration, both Okmalumkoolkat and Princess Zulu expressed their love and appreciation for each other on their respective social media accounts. Princess Zulu posted a heartfelt message on her timeline, saying:

“Happy 8 years of watering each other’s plants mngani wami ophaphayo. 8 no need to write something mushy up here, but ngizothi ‘Do you know what today is? It’s our anniversary.’ Dankie Ngyabonga.”

She accompanied her message with shared images of their cherished moments together.

Okmalumkoolkat also joined in the celebration, sharing pictures of their time together at the 2023 Durban July event, captioning it with  “8 years ani.”

The Rapper’s Silence

As of the publication of this article, Okmalumkoolkat had not publicly responded to his soon-to-be ex-wife’s announcement. The rapper is known for maintaining a private personal life.

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