Gadaffi Dumps Generations: The Legacy For Queen Sono

Gaddafi Dumps Generations: The Legacy For Queen Sono

Gadaffi Dumps Generations: The Legacy For Queen Sono

We have come to know him as Generations: The Legacy’s Kumkani Phakhade aka Gadaffi, the thug in a suit and he has become one of our favourite actors on Mzansi screens

However, some sources have claimed that the Generations: The Legacy star, Vuyo Dabula is finally leaving the show for good. It is reported that he chose Queen Sono over Generations The Legacy, sources confirm.

He has perfectly played his character with such complexity that fans often have a love-hate relationship with him. Fans were left broken when rumours broke that he was not renewing his contract with the show.

Well, it has finally confirmed by sources close to the show that he was given an ultimatum by the show producers who made him chose between leaving the soapie and going for the upcoming Nexflix season of Queen Sono. He chose to leave.

“They placed two options before him, either he chooses to stay with the show or goes to shoot the upcoming season of Netflix’s Queen Sono, but he chose to leave. He made his decision earlier this month and will be leaving the show shortly,” said a source.

Vuyo’s career is gunning for its peak at the moment.

Although many, especially his colleagues expressed disappointment over his move to Queen Sono – which they claim isn’t as financially stable as Generations is – he chose to leave either way. And this suggests a lot about the rumoured problems behind the scenes between producers and its seasoned actors.

Quite recently, US Rapper 50 Cent took to Instagram where he claimed he’s a fan of Vuyo Dabula who plays Gaddafi in Generations and would like him to star in his new series; Black Mafia Family.

When asked to confirm if indeed Gaddafi has left Generations, Vuyo Dabula is claimed to have said:

“I was going to reveal this, but I guess it is what is.”

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