One of the numerous people who were involved in several xenophobic attacks, came forward with a confession to the police after the ghost of the man he killed was tormenting.

Dumisane Nyathi is now in police custody and facing charges for the murder of one Zambian spaza shop owner in Durban. He collapsed into tears at the police station sayng that he hasn’t slept in a very long time and he practically begged the police to arrest him so his sould could be at rest.

Dumisane recounted that he sees the victim’s ghost standing over his bed every night and asking why he killed him and demanding that he confess his deed. At first he used to ignore the ghost thinking it was a figment of his imagination but the ghost grew more violent and insistent. Whilst he slept Dumisane said he would feel himself being strangled on the neck and out of breath.

Sometimes when he brought women to his house they would leave screaming in fear saying there was a man wearing blood spattered clothes standing in the house. At times mysterious fires would start in the tiny house at night while he slept on the bed almost burning him to death. He has the burn scars to show for it.

At some point Dumisane decided to move houses and go live someplace thinking he would escape the ghost but each time he moved it got worse. He had to be kicked out of several places because neighbours complained that he kept screaming and shouting all night. He contracted the services of a sangoma so he could solve his problems but it seemed every remedy made the problems worse. His health started deteriorating as a result of unexplained illnesses including migrane headaches and at one time he suffered paralysis on his left side.

Fearing that death would soon come for him he finally decided to do the right and he went to confess his crime to shocked police officers who thought maybe he was out of his mind. But after investigations it turned out that the evidence checked out and Dumisane was brought to book.

The ghost has since stopped haunting him but his life will never be the same. He will face over 10 years jail time and he will live with the guilt and the constant fear that the man he killed will be back to haunt him. He has decided to convert to Christianity as a form of recompense

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