Kenny Makweng StrokeGospel Musician Kenny Makweng Suffers A Stroke [Image: Facebook]

Gospel musician Kenny Makweng is currently in critical condition, fighting for his life in the hospital after suffering a stroke.

The singer faced complications in his brain, leading to the severe health setback.

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Gospel Musician Kenny Makweng Battling For Life After A Stroke

Close associate People’s Poet Mzwakhe Mbuli has reached out to the nation and fellow artists, urging them to pray for Kenny’s recovery:

“Prayers, please. We serve the God of miracles and wonders.”

Reports from a reliable source indicate that Kenny’s condition is dire, and doctors have cautioned the family to brace themselves for any outcome. Despite the challenging circumstances, the family remains hopeful, holding onto the possibility of a miraculous recovery and sustaining their efforts in prayer.

Sources reveal that Kenny has been in critical care for over a week, and he is showing little response to medical interventions. Zimoja reached out to Mzwakhe for comment, and he confirmed Kenny’s hospitalisation, urging everyone to respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time:

“Let’s give his family space they going through the most difficult time – as we speak they are praying for his recovery.”

As the fans, family and friends await updates on Kenny Makweng’s health, the atmosphere is marked by concern and hope. The uncertainty of the situation has led to an outpouring of support from fans and the artistic community alike.

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Prayers Up

Kenny Makweng Stroke
Gospel Musician Kenny Makweng Suffers A Stroke [Image: Facebook]


South Africans on social media sent an outpouring of love and well wishes for Kenny Makweng. Check out some of their messages below:


“I know from experience that strokes are tough, but with help from God and good clinicians, we can survive and thrive. I pray that works for him!”


“May God be with him and miracle of healing be released upon his life in Jesus’ name. Amen! This brother’s music kept me company during my tertiary days. I played his music using cassettes.”


“Dr Kenny Mara, what happened? May God of Mt Zion be with him.”


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