Many women fake orga_sms just to please their man.Sometimes, the faking is so real that you’ll be left without an iota of doubt that she just hit the heights of pleasure.

The truth however is that only few men take time to take women to that org_asm place, and those are the men that realize that there are nerve endings of the cli_toris spread throughout the vu_lva and inside the vag_ina …as well as her brea_sts, nipp_les and other body parts.

However, if you really want to know when she’s having an org_asm or about to, here are the signs to look for:

Fast-paced breathing and heart rate. If you can hear the sound of her breathing in your ear, something is happening.

Tensed up body or spasmodic body movements. If she’s twisting and turning and jerking (and it’s not a fit) then you’re hitting the spot.

Moa_ns and gibb_erish. At some point she will begin to make strange moa_ns and sound or say some things that may not make sense to you…it’s the pleasure.

She suddenly grips you hard. If she’s about to get there, she will clutch you with all her might and this is simply saying “keep it up.”

Dilated pupils. During real orgas_ms, her pupils will dilate and become wider, a sure sign that she is peaking – she might also close her eyes very tight.

Vagi_nal muscle spasms/contractions. Just like in the male ere_ction, you’ll notice that her va_gina is tightening around your pen_is – strong vagi_nal contractions indicate orga_sm

Sudden perspiration. If the orga_sm is intense, you might notice that she’s sweating more than usual

Dazed look to the eyes. The chemical reaction of an org_asm may leave a dazed look in her eyes

Hard nipp_les. After an org_asm, the nip_ples are usually er_ect like a pe_nis

It must be stated that some women are experts at faking it and may show these signs and still be nowhere near an org_asm.



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