There was pandemonium in a local church recently when a huge python slithered out of a handbag belonging to the pastor’s wife.

A popular Pentecostal church in the heart of Pretoria became the center of controversy recently after congregants witnessed a python. Reports suggest that during the preach, the wife stood up to go to the toilet while the husband was preaching and one congregant accidentally kicked the bag and the reptile slithered out. At first people in the church could not believe what they were seeing and those with faint hearts hurried out of the church.

It was only after a few moments did some congregants grasp the seriousness of what they were seeing and some men in the church wanted to beat up the pastor and his wife blaming them for practicing witchcraft to lure church members. It was then that the pastors wife made a shocking confession.

The wife said they were given the snake by a powerful sangoma in Limpopo to help then conceive. The pastor and his wife have been married for over 9 years and failed to bear any children and in desperation, turned to black magic for help.

Some members of the church wanted to burn the snake but the pastors’s wife insited on taking it back to the sangoma. Congregants were however overheard saying they would never return to the church again. “Who knows what muthi they used on us”, one old lady said.

Source : iMzansi



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