Want to delete a Facebook profile from Facebook??

Firstly create the fake death of victim to create a fake the death of one of your very alive friends.
In order to setup a Memorial Profile, you need to fill out this very brief form , where you must provide the friend’s full name, email address, the URL to the timeline, and a link to an obituary confirming that a death actually occurred.


Now Send it

(for Death Certificate use Photoshop and create fake certificate as reason suicide by love failure (or) any disease name
and upload it on any free hosting site example- like my blog add some text “my brother dead by love failure “”Rest In Piece”” My Bro)

Simply hit send and wait a day or two for Facebook to get back to you. If  they have accepted your memorial request,
you will receive a message of  condolences and they will inform you that your friend’s page is now in a memorial
state. The next time they try to log in, they will be hit with this message.

Account Inaccessibile, Account is On Memorial State please contact Facebook help center



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