An enraged husband was arrested after he brutally murdered his wife with a kitchen knife. This was after he saw the woman getting intimate with her lover in front of their two year old son.

Authorities at the Tzaneen Police Station in Limpopo say the man surrendered himself to the police and confessed what he had just done. One official said , “A man walked in and he was blood socked. He looked calm and said he had killed his wife.”

further investigations revealed that the man had gotten home early on the fateful day and as he walked to the bedroom, he heard pleasure noises coming from the bedroom. Upon investigating, he saw his biological young brother busy playing bedroom gymnastics with his wife. To make matters worse, the couple’s two year old son was sitting right in front of the h_orny couple, crying.

It is believed the man took out his cellphone and recorded the incident as proof. Soon after that is is said he went to the kitchen and equipped himself with a kitchen knife. he then barged in on the busy couple and attacked. His young brother managed to overpower him and flee the scene. The wife was however stabbed to death.

All this happened in front of the frantic toddler.

‘He said he did not regret his actions and wanted to make sure he killed both of them’

The whereabouts of the young brother remains unknown.

The toddler was taken in by relatives.

The man would appear in court at a date to be confirmed later.

Source : iMzansi


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