There were mixed emotions from fans allover the country when Jama exited one of Mzansi’s most watched soapies, Skeem Sam which aires on SABC 1 on weekdays. The way in which “Jama” real name Oros Mampofu exited the soapie left a lot of fans very emotional, in fact there has been reports that one fan went as far as taking her on life after watching the Skeem Sam episode in which Jama died.

Immediately after that episode fans took to social media to demand answers asking why Jama was axed from Skeem Sam and went on a Twitter rampage with the hash tag #BringBackJama demanding that Jama be brought back, most hashtags were retweeted by Oros Mampofu himself which lead Skeem Sam fans to believe that Oros Mampofu still wants to come back to Skeem Sam as Jama, despite all the efforts by Skeem Sam fans and Oros Mampofu on twitter with the hashtag, the producers of the soapie have been tight lipped about why Jama got fired or if they would bring him back. No official statement was released by the producers of the soapie nor by Oros Mampofu himself explaining why he was axed.

Recently it has been revealed by a source close to the situation that Jama real name Oros Mampofu was axed from the soapie because when he was lazy to come to the studio he would just send his twin brother to come act on his behalf. “Oros loves partying and he is a heavy drinker so sometimes after a night of heavy partying and drinking he wouldn’t even be able to come to the shoot so he would instead send his twin brother to do his job. The producers did not even know that Oros has a twin so they never suspected anything, although they thought it was weird that Oros seemed to have multiple personalities. We all just thought maybe he was just being a good actor showing multiple personalities”, said the source that also acts on Skeem Sam.

“But we eventually discovered that it was not multiple personalities it was just two different people that look the same because they are twins. Twins may look the same but their personalities can never be the same. And sometimes it was just weird how his acting was excellent and how sometimes his acting was so slopy he didn’t even remember his lines, as if it was a different person”, said the source. When the producers of the show found out that Oros has been skipping shoots and sending his twin simply because he was too tired and too lazy to get out of bed after a night of heavy drinking and partying, they decided to kill his character with heavy drinking and partying!

Source : Daily Post


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