Khanyi Mbau: I was paid to speak out against the alcohol ban

Khanyi Mbau: I was paid to speak out against the alcohol ban
Johannesburg, South Africa

Media personality, Khanyi Mbau, has finally emptied the true cause of having taken a video of herself against the current alcohol ban which was instigated by the government late last year.

Khanyi said she was paid to do the video which she shared a week ago on her social media platforms,

“I was paid to speak on the alcohol ban but that’s not to say that it doesn’t affect me too. I am also in the industry although I don’t have thousands of employees like SAB I have 10 employees who need to get paid how will I pay them if the industry is not working? The sale of alcohol should be allowed but with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place. People can buy their alcohol and drink at home,” said Khanyi.

In the 2 minute video which has since garnered more than 300 000 videos Khanyi can be heard saying,

“the number of COVID-19 infections are increasing but is it due to alcohol? I did my math, for the past three alcohol bans the industry has lost a 1 000 percent in profit that money can be used to help in COVID-19 research. I am still asking the question to the President; Mr. President, by banning alcohol and closing the industry, there are families that are suffering and families that are going to feel the pinch. Schools are about to open in about two weeks, how are these kids going back to schools? How are they going to pay for their cars? Their mortgages? Their livelihoods?”

Khanyi continued to question if the numbers are rising due to alcohol, or the lack of compliance with social distancing and other protocols.
Government recently announced the extension of the alcohol ban until the 15th of February due to the surge in COVID-19 cases on which government will either extend it again or permit its resumption.

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