These two girls say they were attacked and told they are a disgrace to society.

Taking to social media, one of the girls narrated the ordeal :

“So I was with Joy on our way to the conference and like any couple, we show our affection for each other even in public. We groped a little and before we knew it, a man in his early thirties threw an empty coke can at us. Joy was seriously pissed off and went to ask him sup. He was the joined by three of his friends who started to push us and swearing at us telling us that we like to be men so we must fight”


The poster went on to highlight how she tried to get the attention of a nearby security guard who refused to help.

The post had received hundreds of comments and shares at time of publish. With many supporting the tow for taking a stand and speaking out.

No police case was opened.

Source :iMzansi


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