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South African maskandi sensation Menzi Mabizela finds himself without a record label, stirring a wave of support from Mzansi after he demanded lobola money from his former label.

Menzi Mabizela’s contractual ties were severed when his record label deemed his financial demands as excessive, triggering a response from the South African online community.

Unreasonable Demands Lead to Record Label Split

The dispute arose when Menzi Mabizela sought financial assistance from his record label to fulfill traditional obligations, including the payment of lobola. He had requested funding for the purchase of five cows for this purpose.

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Menzi Mabizela record label
Menzi Mabizela-Image Source@X

Mthobisi Mthembu, the record label boss, argued that they were already supporting the artist in building two family homes and declined the additional request. Subsequently, Mthembu terminated the contract, retained the master’s rights for Menzi’s full albums, and repossessed the artist’s Toyota Fortune.

Menzi Mabizela’s Response

In the aftermath, Menzi Mabizela expressed his need for financial support, expressing dissatisfaction that his hard work over the years seemed to benefit the record label more than himself. He declared his intention to manage himself moving forward.

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Public Reaction and Support

Online reactions were swift, with many expressing solidarity with Menzi Mabizela. Many people advised artists of the need to gain contract knowledge and education before signing contracts with record labels.

@Callie Phakhathi commented:

“These artists need to read and understand their contracts before they sign.”


In this industry you have to be independent ,so you can be able to earn what you will appreciate.

It seems the fallout between Menzi Mabizela and his record label has ignited discussions about artist rights and the need for a careful understanding of contractual agreements within the South African entertainment scene.

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