Man bites off wife’s cl_it0ris after she pierced it without his permission

Residents of Koforidua Asokore Kuma in the Eastern region are on the heels of a man who allegedly bit off the c.litoris of his wife because she pierced it without his approval.

It is reported that on the night in question, the wife, only identified as Lilliane wanted to show her husband a “surprise” that was going to spice up their bedroom sessions. However, things took a turn for the worse after the husband, Marc, got “disgusted” by the piercing on his wife’s honey pot and assaulted her before literally biting off the piece and spitting it out.

Earlier on, Lilliane had confided in one of her friends that her s-ex wife with her husband had gone cold and it is her friend who suggested she take this to the next step and pierce her cooochie because ” men love it, it turns them on”.

An eyewitness who narrated the incident said residents of the area were alerted to the plight of the lady after she started screaming out of pain.

“My room is close to theirs so I could hear them arguing, we heard the lady screaming that the guy was biting her private part.

“When we entered the room, we found her lying on the bed with blood coming out of her v-agina. The man was nowhere to be found so we rushed her to the hospital,” she recounted.

The matter is, however, yet to be reported to the Police.



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