60-Year-Old Woman FirewoodMan Forces Tl0f Tl0f On 60-Year-Old Woman While She Collected Firewood, Kills Her [Image: Daily Sun]

Manavhela Village in Limpopo is reeling from a tragic incident in which an unknown assailant forced tl0f tl0f with a 60-year-old woman collecting firewood and killed her.


How The Savage Forced Tlof Tlof On A 60-Year-Old Woman And Killed Her

Rosinah Ramasimu, aged 60, was allegedly r_ped and murdered on Thursday, 4 April. She, along with another gogo, was gathering firewood when they were both s_xually attacked.

Rosinah and her friend, who sell firewood for income, reportedly left their homes in the morning to collect firewood. Khathutshelo Ramasimu, a family spokesperson, revealed that they realised something was wrong when Rosinah, the main breadwinner, hadn’t returned home by 8 pm. They later discovered the worst.

Ramasimu told the Daily Sun:

“The pain that the suspect has caused us is too much. We are hoping that the police track the suspect and bring him to book.”

The surviving woman, who had fainted during the attack, recounted finding herself and her friend n_ked upon regaining consciousness. She managed to crawl home, unable to speak, and was later admitted to Tshilidzini Hospital before being discharged.


60-Year-Old Woman Firewood
Man Forces Tl0f Tl0f On 60-Year-Old Woman While She Collected Firewood, Kills Her [Image: Indian Express]


Concerned residents conducted a search and found the 60-year-old’s body near a river in Manavhela. The family, facing the tragedy and financial strain, appealed for assistance for her burial.

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SAPS Confirms The Tragedy

Vhembe police spokesperson Sergeant Vuledzani Dathi disclosed that community members found Rosinah’s body bare with a cloth tied around her mouth, prompting suspicion of foul play. Police have initiated a murder investigation and urged anyone with information to come forward.

Sergeant Dathi confirmed:

“Preliminary findings indicate that the deceased was discovered by community members who immediately contacted the police. Upon arrival, they found that the victim was n_ked, with no visible injuries, but her mouth tightened with a cloth, raising concerns of foul play. The circumstances surrounding her death are currently under investigation. Police have opened a case of murder,”

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