Capetown – Mpho Tshabalala, the widow of the late Kwaito music guru Mandoza, real name(Mduduzi Edmund Tshabalala, )is under fire after she unexpectedly announced the next new milestone in her ‘love’ journey.

Apparently, Mpho has moved on and has a new man in her life.

The development has sparked intense debate across the divide, with many pointing out that it’s too early for the widow to move on.

”I’m really shocked by Mpho’s decision,how can she move on barely a few months after her husband’s death,this is the time when the whole world is expecting her to be mourning her husband until after a year or so”,said a source from Mandoza’s family who declined to be named.

A mole in the Tshabalala family disclosed to iMzansi that they discovered her mischief, when she(Mpho) posted a photo of her ‘new man’ on her Instagram account on Tuesday around 23:00 hours, captioned with a heart emoji. After a minute one of her followers, curious about the new development, commented asking to know more about the man in the photo with Mpho,to which she replied, saying ” More details coming soon,love is in the air”.

Unfortunately the post back fired as a coterie of her followers started calling her names,accusing her of failing to respect the dead as well as belittling the late Kwaito star.

Twenty three minutes down the line she took down the post because of the back lash.

One of her friends speaking to us in confidence said Mpho is vowing that she will never give up on her new love and will be making it official soon.

Source : iMzansi Satire



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