Meet Sbu, DJ Sumbody's Bodyguard Who Was Shot & Killed With HimSbu, DJ Sumbody's Bodyguard (Image Credit: Twitter) SOUTH AFRICA

Meet Sbu, DJ Sumbody’s Bodyguard Who Was Also Shot And Killed


Twitter users have identified DJ Sumbody’s bodyguard who was shot and killed together with the Amapiano pioneer on Sunday.

DJ Sumbody was shot by yet-to-be-identified gunmen in the early hours of Sunday in Johannesburg at Corner Woodlands and Woodmead Drive.



DJ Sumbody and one of his bodyguards who has been identified as Sbu, died instantly after being caught in the hail of bullets. While not much is known about Sbu, pictures suggest he was a bouncer and was found of security.

However, Sunday World reported that a third person, who is believed to be one of DJ Sumbody’s bodyguards, is in critical condition after miraculously surviving the barrage of bullets. The identity of the third person is yet to be identified.

From left: Sbu and DJ Sumbody (Image Credit: Twitter)


The bodyguard suffered multiple hits to his abdomen area and was rushed to the hospital where he is fighting for his life. According to the publication, this information was shared by a Sandton police officer on condition of anonymity as he does not have the clearance to speak to the media.

DJ Sumbody was due to perform at the All White Veuve Clicquot Picnic on Sunday.

The motive behind the murderous attack on DJ Sumbody and his entourage is yet to be established. At the time of publishing, it was not clear whether this was a meticulously planned, premeditated hit or an attempted robbery gone wrong.

Video footage from the spot where the Monate Mpolaye hitmaker and his entourage were ambushed and shot made the rounds on social media.

The front windows of the car he was travelling in had bullet holes where the gunmen fired shots. At the time of writing, it was still unclear where DJ Sumbody or Sbu were seated when the shooting took place.

More than 40 bullet casings were found at the scene of the shooting suggesting the gunmen wanted DJ Sumbody dead.

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