MMM ‘Blesser’ tricked by his bae

The new South African craze of blessers has had a negative effect on one Joburg man. To those not in the know what a blesser is, Think sugar daddy, but with a whole lot more money. He’s filthy rich, and can set you up with clothing accounts, overseas holidays (Dubai is the current hot destination) and sometimes even a car. So when you date one, your life has been blessed. Financially anyway…

One man will forever regret his decision to be a blesser after his date robbed him and poured acid on him, leaving him for dead. Speaking from his hospital bed, the man who refused to give iMzansi his name said he had hooked up with the girl in one of Jozi’s affluent Northern Suburbs. ‘Little did I know she was freak. When she told me she was a freak I thought she was a freak in bed but was I wrong’.

The man said he had recently gotten a huge withdrawal from the controversial MMM scheme. ‘I had received R450 000 from MMM and I had withdrawn R200 000 in cash.

Detailing events leading to the brutal attack, the man said he entrusted his new lady with his credit card and asked her to book a holiday to Cape Town for them. On the fateful day, the man he was enjoying quality time with his girl at a hotel room and the next ting, he felt a sharp hot pain on his face. A liquid, which doctor’s later confirmed to be acid, had been poured on his face and body. He suffered 60 burns on his body.

‘I screamed my lungs out and was in so much pain. I wanted to rip my face off’ The man recalls and by this time the lady was gone. Hotel stuff heard his screams and alerted emergency services. By the time the blesser had regained his senses, all the money in cash was gone. He estimates it to be around R160 000.

The man said her name is Pinky. That is all he remembers. Police have opened a case of assault.

Source  iMzansi


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