A Thoyandou muthi Sangoma, and his 51-year-old client, Mashudu Hombelani, reportedly died on the afternoon of September 7, during a money ritual sacrifice.

The 60-year-old herbalist went into the “sacred room” together with Mashudi in the morning after he had prepared many fetish objects, including impepho, for the planned ritual.

But the curiosity of neighbors was awakened after they stopped hearing the umsamo of the duo in the ‘sacred room’ for a long time.

Suspecting something sinister, they knocked on the door in the afternoon, but there was no response. This compelled them to force the door open only to be greeted with the shocking sight of the de_ad bodies of the two men on the floor. The attention of the police was quickly drawn to the discovery.

The acting police spokesman Ḓowelani Khangwelo – said the two men were pulled out of the room na_ked.
Khangwelo said the two men locked themselves up in the “sacred room” during the money ritual and that “it was very likely that they died of suffocation in the room suffused with smoke of impepho”.

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