Leleti Motaung, a 72-year-old South woman from Kroonstad, made a shocking disclosure of how her son has been sleeping with her every Wednesday for ritual purpose. According to the woman, she began offering her nak_edness to her son, Abel, in 2002 following the prescription of a witch doctor he got his wealth from.

Revealing the ugly secret, Leleti disclosed that she is the mainstay of her son’s success. Ever since he began his transportation business and has been sleeping with her, the business has grown beyond imagination and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars. However, in order to ensure that Abel’s success is maintained, he pays an expensive price of sleeping with his mother every Wednesday at her house where the charm was buried.

Many years after carrying on with the herculean task, Leleti reveals that she has been very worried about her son because she feels like she is growing weaker each day and fears she might not be able to keep up for the coming year.
As is always the case with blessings that come from evil sources, the consequence of quitting the incestuous relationship is that as soon as she stops sleeping with her son, all their hard earned wealth will vanish in thin air and Abel will die a very painful death.

These and more were the confessions made by Leleti at Great Kingdom church after which the pastor prayed for her. Unfortunately, overcome by fear of seeing her son suffer and die, she still went back to servicing the evil alter that produces his wealth by sleeping with him every week.
I know many mothers can go beyond imaginable limits to ensure the success of their children out of natural motherly love, but could this still be defined within the confines of ‘a mother’s love’?
Wonders shall indeed never end!



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