Panic has set in the Mpumalanga township of Embalenhle after the body of a woman was found dumped on the roadside. More chilling is the fact that there was no head attached to the body. The forensic police team tried combing the surrounding area for any signs of the head to no avail.
According to the investigating officer Ndumiso Nkomo, the incident did not happen on the spot therein.

“Evidence shows that the victim’s head was cut off site and this is merely a dumping place for the body”

The victim’s particulars are yet to be identified as there was no form of identification on her and no one has stepped forward to claim the body

The deceased who is aged between 25-30 was discovered by early risers who were on their way to work and the police was called shortly after.
So terrifying was the sight that the police had to disperse the ever growing crowd and curious onlookers who had their phone cameras on standby.

Suspicion has landed on a group of ritualists who operate within the country. Cutting off people’s heads is big business met with a handsome reward and some have resorted to working for the ritualists who actually don’t do the dirty work themselves.

As of now the police do not have a lead but promised to keep the frightened public updated on the case. For now the public is advised to put their safety first.

Source: imzansi



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