WHAT would Mshoza’s life be without drama? In the latest episode of a life that seems more like a soapie storyline, the singer has not only been fired by her record label, she is also apparently neglecting her two children.

Move! has learned that Mshoza, whose real name is Nomasonto Maswanganyi, puts her social life ahead of spending time with her children. She allegedly dumped her children with the family of her former hubby and businessman Jacob Mnisi.

A source says, “She is not taking care of her kids. What kind of a mother is she? The kids spend time with their father. Mshoza is an absent mother and more interested in her relationship with her boyfriend.”
When confronted, Jacob says, “My kids are at my parents’ home in Emalahleni. Mshoza and I only talk about our kids and nothing else.” But Mshoza says she spends time with her children during holidays as they stay with their father.

It has also emerged that Emabalabala Entertainment, which is owned by DJ Bongz and businessman-turned-politician, Reggie ‘Govner’ Nkabinde, who is the treasurer- general of the ANC Youth League, have cut all ties with the musician because of the news that she is not focused.

Emabalabala bosses have apparently had enough of Mshoza’s drama, and they have given her marching orders.
“DJ Bongz and Govner were upset by how Mshoza behaved at the ANC’s 104th birthday in Rustenburg in January,” says another source.
“Bongz got bookings for her, but she decided to go all out seeking publicity about her skin lightening.
Her actions angered her bosses, and she was asked why she felt the need to tell newspapers about her cosmetic surgery and skin lightening and how she is like Michael Jackson,” says the source.

Another source says, “Mshoza thought that talking about her surgery was a way to get publicity, but she didn’t realise that she was actually trying to discredit herself. Govner is a leader in the ANC Youth League so when Mshoza messes up, he takes the heat because she is signed to his label. A decision was taken to expel her from Emabalabala as she was nothing but a confused soul.”

There are allegations that Mshoza was milking Emabalabala dry as she kept on demanding money from the bosses even though she was apparently not doing any performances or shows.
“When was the last time you heard of her performing? She always demanded money from her bosses and she also made them angry as they felt that she was using them as cash cows. She wants money to do her surgeries, but neglects her career,” says a source.

But Mshoza says she left the record label on her free will. “I asked to resign last year, so I left the record label. They said that as per my request to be released from my contract, it is something that they will consider doing. I am now a free agent and I am pushing my own things,” says Mshoza.

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