Donald Trump recently visited Scotland. Speaking to the media while in Balmedie, Scotland, Trump expressed how he feels about Muslims and African leaders, especially Robert Mugabe.

Donald Trump muddled the points of his Muslim ban, telling reporters on Saturday on the 14th hole of his Aberdeen course that it “wouldn’t bother” him if a Scottish Muslim came into the United States. But he later revised his past remarks that the proposed prohibition would be a blanket ban and is more a question of proper vetting — with extra emphasis placed on certain countries. “I don’t want people coming in — I don’t want people coming in from certain countries,” Trump clarified to The Daily Mail while also telling several passing golfers to play through the 18th hole. “I don’t want people coming in from the terror countries. You have terror countries! I don’t want them, unless they’re very, very strongly vetted.”

Trump said allowing all sorts of people into a country can be dangerous. Making an example, he told reporters that he does not want the USA to end up like Zimbabwe. “Zimbabwe was a great country before Mugabe became president. The guy came out of no where and sucked the life of that beautiful country and its people. I think he is an alien.” said Trump.

Trump also made it clear that Mugabe will never be allowed in the US.

Source : afrciannewsupdates


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