Zimbabwe First Lady, Grace Mugabe, on Wednesday said President Robert Mugabe was irreplaceable and would continue to lead the Southern African country even from his grave.

Grace was addressing thousands of Zanu PF supporters gathered in Harare for the much touted one million man march in support of Mugabe’s candidature in the 2018 presidential elections.

“You were chosen and put aside because you are special. When sanctions started, we faced difficulties, but because of your consistence and principled, people know you stand for the truth and stand for Zimbabweans and Africans. As women’s league, we support you for 2018, we want to be life president, you are irreplaceable, will make you our leader even in your grave at the heroes acre,” she said.

The controversial first lady said everyone at the Robert Mugabe Square, where the marchers gathered to be addressed by the nonagenarian leader, including journalists covering the event, had come because they supported Zanu PF.

Grace said Mugabe had been chosen by God because he was a principled leader who was loyal and loved the people of Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

“ Everyone here loves Zanu PF, whether one has a camera or is writing. We, as the women’s league are happy with your leadership because you are raising not only the Zimbabwean flag, but the African flag and you were chosen by God because you are faithful to God, he chose you before you were born,” she said.

Grace, who referred to President Mugabe as Sekuru Mugabe, said the success of the march was a sign of unity among the Zanu PF youths and their eagerness to learn from the liberation war hero.

She said she was aware of the youths’ grievances but said progress was being impeded by the illegal sanctions imposed on the country by its detractors.

Source : iol


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