Wonders they say, shall never end. Well, another ‘wonder’ occurred in Benoni. A married woman Mbali (31) and her lover Msizi (35) a well known businessman in the area got stuck together a bonking session.

The two had been having an affair for over 6 months and usually had all their rendezvous at Msizi’s choosing. It was on a fateful Monday afternoon after having a blast at their secret love-nest when things tooks a wrong turn.

According to close sources, Mbali wanted to get home in time before her husband arrived but alas she was stuck on Msizi. Thinking it was a mishap they put more effort in trying to free themselves. It was when they tried to free themselves to no avail and ended up calling for help. The had to be carried to hospital by an ambulance.

Medical experts say the incidence is due to a medical condition called Pen_is Captivus, a rare occurrence in bonking when the muscles in the va jay jay clamp down on the pen_is much more firmly than usual.

However, a twist was introduced to the story, as it was reported that the woman’s husband was allegedly boasting that the condition of his wife and her lover was due to Magun, and it would last for four days.

We’re still waiting to hear if the doctors at the hospital have been able to separate them or if couple are still within the hospital premises.

Magun is a form of African spell placed on women by their suspicious spouses. If she is to bonk any man apart from her husband, she will be stuck to that man ( he will be unable to withdraw) and only the husband has the power to undo the spell.




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