Shebeshxt LamborghiniShebeshxt Signs A Deal With Lamborghini [Image: @officiallShebe/X]

Rising music star Shebeshxt has announced a partnership with Lamborghini Wines, the prestigious Italian winery.

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the creator of the Lamborgini supercar, founded Lamborghini Wines.

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Lamborgini Wines Collaborates With Shebeshxt

The rapper said he was honoured to collaborate with the brand that represents luxury and excellence.

Speaking on X, Shebeshxt beamed:

“Ka Time, Ka Nako! That moment is now. President ya ma 2K looking and feeling good in a suit. I present to you a gift box brought to you by Lamborghini. Get champagne glasses, and let’s pop. One day retlo popa. Twerka!”

The rapper felt overwhelmed by the love from his fans after he announced the deal:

I appreciate the love and support from you all. Some call you ‘fake fans’ while others say we won’t last in this game. But 2023 will be remembered as a Cinderella Moment (Extraordinary Transformation). #Lamborghini”

Shebeshxt will be the ambassador of Lamborghini Wines in Africa, promoting its exclusive collection of red wines, sparkling wines, and champagnes. He will also feature in a series of advertisements and events, showcasing the elegance and sophistication of the products.


Shebeshxt Lamborghini
Shebeshxt Signs A Deal With Lamborghini [Image: @officiallShebe/X]


Lamborghini Wines, founded in 1975 by Ferruccio Lamborghini after he retired from the automotive industry, is one of the most renowned wineries in Italy. The estate, located in Umbria, produces a variety of wines using both native and international grape varieties. The wines are characterised by their complexity, balance, and intensity, reflecting the passion and innovation of the Lamborghini legacy.

The partnership between Shebeshxt and Lamborghini Wines is expected to boost the popularity and sales of both brands in the African market and introduce new audiences to the world of Italian winemaking.


Fans Over The Moon As Shebeshxt Partners Lamborgini Wines

Shebeshxt’s fans celebrated with him online.


“What happened to topless n_gga? This suit would look better without the tops 😂😂😂 twerker.”


“@eugenekhoza, are you still breathing, my guy, coz you did very good work by promoting our guys.”


“I am happy for every change you are going through, brosky. You deserve it. God is good.”


“They must give you a Lambo also 😊”

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