Nasty C's Zimbabwean Lookalike Has SA Social Media In Meltdown(Image Credit: via@cuniv_.ykl/@nastyc.ssa)

Nasty C’s Zimbabwean Lookalike Has SA Social Media In Meltdown


Social media users are having a field day on the internet after a Zimbabwean Nasty C lookalike was spotted on social media.

The young man from Bulawayo who uses the social media handle @cuniva_.ykl is trending on social media after his video was shared on Instagram.

Nasty C lookalike
South African rapper Nasty C x Nasty C Zimbabwean lookalike


Nasty C’s Zimbabwean lookalike was caught on camera freestyling. Just like Nasty C he can also rap.

@cuniva_.ykl also has the same complexion and small eyes just like the South African rapper. From afar he looks like just like Nasty C. According to some of the social media users, when he was in High school people used to call him Nasty C.

Check out the video;



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The video of the Zimbabwean Nasty C lookalike has caused such a stir on social media.

Nasty C Zimbabwean lookalike
(Image Credit: via@cuniv_.ykl/@nastyc.ssa)


A section on Instagram is mocking @cunik_.ykl saying that he doesn’t look like the rapper at all. Critics are saying that he looks like a broke version of Nasty C with no filters.

Check out some of the reactions;


Low Budget Nasty C

Nasty C from


…. Our very own Zimbabwean Nasty C


Zimbos you never know he might be the actual Nasty C without edits and stuff +no nastying


Nasty C lite


Lol if Nasty C was from Zim…l now believe your nationality has a great impact on your success.


The Nasty is nastying

Another section, however, came to his defense saying that he looks and sounds just like Nasty C.


Wow he looks so alike to Nasty C


Yall should see him in person though…he looks like Nasty C…he even sounds like Nasty C


They really do look alike  and the similarities with the voice too.

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