A parody Facebook account has been created in ‘honor’ of the pots girl who iMzansi Extreme can reveal as Siyabonga Makhavu. The girl who has everyone in Mzansi shores doing the things that they are made to be doing, has provided lot’s of laughs in our household.

It all began when she appeared on an episode of Speak Out. She probably didn’t have an idea she would trend like this. After being asked the whereabouts of the missing pots, she responded, ‘I made the things that is cannot make the pots to be done’ to which speakout presenter said :’I don’t know if anybody understands’

The story behind the pots reads like any other Mzansi Stokvel story. Women of Block E Maniini Village in Limpopo Province ordered 3 legged aluminium pots from a manufacturer known as Tsireledzo singo in 2012. They paid her R13 925 as a deposit towards their 48 pots order and only received two completed pots ad 9 pots without lids. To date they are still waiting for the remaining pot and the lids. They asked Speak Out for help to get their money back from the manufacturer or the remainder of the order.

The young lady in the video is daughter of Tsireledzo Singo who apparently ran away with the money for the pots in 2012. In the full video shown, the young lady with the attitude even agrees that ‘she is the problem’ and after the discussion with the mother about settling the debt, Tsireledzo agreed to pay the women of Block E R2 000 a month until it is paid off.

Fast forward to toady, Siyabonga Makhavu is being heavily meme’d all over South Africa social media.


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