The Department of Trade and Industry recently issued the National Liquor Amendment Bill for public comment. The bill proposed prohibiting the supply of liquor or methylated spirits to persons under the age of 21.

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies pointed to evidence suggesting that “the brain does not fully develop until the mid-twenties, in fact – and that when the brain is not yet fully developed the impact on the brain of alcohol abuse is much more severe than it is on the fully developed brain,” he told Parliament.

After looking at the suggestions made by the public, the government finally took a decision and made 30 the new legal drinking age.

According to sources, President Zuma signed the Amendment to raise the age to 30 on Monday morning.

However, advocacy groups are fighting against this law, claiming it is a gross violation of civil liberties and must be repealed. They claimed the law is absurd and unjust that young Americans can vote, marry, enter into contracts and serve in the military at 18, but cannot buy an alcoholic beverage.

According to Minister Davies, South Africa currently has the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world at 10-12% as compared to the world average of 6%. This is the reason why it is so important to put measures in place to protect the future of our country.


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