ProVerb Graduates with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Regenesys Business School

South African rapper and media personality ProVerb has achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey, graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Regenesys Business School.

The accomplished presenter has been open about his educational pursuits, sharing his experiences and growth throughout his time at the school.

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Rapper Dedicates Degree to Late Mother and Expresses Gratitude to Father

Taking to Instagram, ProVerb proudly posted his graduation photos while dedicating his degree to his late mother on Mother’s Day.

In a heartfelt caption accompanying the photos, ProVerb expressed his deep gratitude to his late mother, stating,

The best #MothersDay gift I could give my late mom is to keep the promise I made when I laid her to rest, to spend the rest of my life trying to make her proud and to become the man she had always hoped I would become.

During the graduation ceremony, ProVerb’s father was present, and the rapper took the opportunity to express his appreciation for his father’s unwavering support. He acknowledged his father’s role in his journey, writing,

Every step I’ve taken has been guided by your unwavering support and belief in me. Thank you for empowering me to chase my dreams and for always encouraging me to be true to myself.”

ProVerb recognized his father’s influence in shaping his character and aspirations, expressing his gratitude for the freedom to explore, learn, and grow. He added,

As I stand here today, holding my BBA degree from Regenesys Business School, I am filled with immense gratitude for everything you’ve done. You’ve given me the freedom to explore, to learn, and to grow, and for that, I am forever indebted.”

Looking towards the future, ProVerb expressed his determination to continue making his father proud, not only as his son but as the person his father has always seen in him. He concluded his message with heartfelt words,

Here’s to the future, where I hope to continue making you proud and standing tall as the son you’ve raised me to be. Thank you Pa, for everything.”

Embarking on a New Academic Journey: ProVerb Begins Masters Studies at Regenesys Business School

ProVerb’s thirst for knowledge and personal growth continues as he announced his next academic endeavor – pursuing a Master’s degree at Regenesys Business School. This new chapter marks another significant step in his educational journey, showcasing his commitment to lifelong learning and personal development.

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