Still wondering ‘why is my vag_ina dark’ because it has been changing over time? That’s normal, too. As our bodies age, we change quite a bit everywhere. Other issues might lead to darkening of the skin, but remember that many of these conditions are, again, normal. Here’s what might lead to it:

1.You’re getting older

2.You are using products that gradually change the color, such as talcum powder

3.Your hormones are out of balance

4.You are deficient in certain vitamins

5.You are simply prone to color changes due to heredity

6.You have gained weight

7.You have been shaving the vagi_nal area on a regular basis

8.You have started using a new hygiene product

9.You have been wearing too-tight clothing

10.You might also have a more serious underling problem, such as polycystic ova_rian syndrome, gastric cancer, hypo_thyroidism, infections, excess production of melanin, and other physical disorders.




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