THE family of Chantal Pienaar, who was r_aped and murdered by Pastor Lungisani Mafu and four other men, will never forgive him.

Pastor Mafu, formerly an Ukhozi FM motivational speaker, r_aped and stabbed Chantal before leaving her lifeless body on a railway line in the Bluff, Durban in 1999. On Saturday, Mafu publicly “apologised” to Chantal’s family while filming his motivational DVD at Ethekwini Community Church.

Chantal’s family were not present when he did so. But after the People’s Paper ran Mafu’s story asking for forgiveness, Chantal’s cousin Frikkie Morris sent an email to Daily Sun, saying the family will NEVER forgive him. “Until the day I go to my grave I will never forget nor forgive Lungisani Mafu and the other four accused of raping my cousin Chantal Pienaar, aged 20 years old. I HOPE YOUR SOUL ROTS IN HELL!” he said in the e-mail. “She had fresh stitches because she’d given birth in a Caesarian procedure. She was still in pain but the five men r_aped her, stabbed her to death and then put her body on a rail track for a train to run over her. Fortunately the train driver noticed her body.”

When Daily Sun contacted Frikkie, he said: “I understand that we all make mistakes but what Mafu did was not a mistake. And now he calls himself a pastor. This makes me sick. He records a DVD and motivates about my sister’s ordeal.” He made it clear that the family is not willing to meet Mafu, saying when Chantal’s daughter was told about her mother’s death, she attempted to commit suicide.

However, Mafu said his conscience is clear. “I can’t force the family to forgive me. I was remorseful in court and pleaded guilty to raping and killing Chantal,” he said. “I’m done with this matter because I’ve served my jail term. I apologised because I wanted to show humanity.” He said he became a pastor because he has a talent for preaching.

More than 200 000 Facebook readers read the article about Mafu’s apology and hundreds commented. Johnny Owethu said: “A few years down the line he gets released on parole but someone’s life is gone. People like him deserve life sentences.” Tshwane Speleti said: “Being an orphan at a tender age doesn’t make someone a murderer.” Thapelo Beja said: “To blame it on liquor and not having parents is just a lame excuse. He knew what he was doing.” Cosmos Kgoboko said: Do you still call yourself a pastor? You were not a pastor in the first place.”

Source : DailySun


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