Why Zolisa Xaluva LeftZolisa Xaluva (Image: etv)

The Real Reason Why Zolisa Xaluva Left Smoke & Mirrors Revealed

Zolisa Xaluva and etv have failed to reach an agreement regarding his continued role as Caesar Ngonyama on the TV show Smoke & Mirrors, and the reason behind this has now come to light.

Initial reports suggested that Zolisa had been dismissed by the production company due to a dispute over money. However, Zolisa clarified the situation with ZiMoja, stating that he had not been dismissed and that he was actually in the final stages of negotiating his contract for season two.

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Why Zolisa Xaluva Left Smoke & Mirrors

Zolisa had been eagerly awaiting a decision on whether he would be returning for the second season. He confirmed this to ZiMoja, but despite extensive discussions, it was ultimately decided not to renew his contract. A source close to the matter revealed that Zolisa Xaluva chose not to sign the contract due to a clause that required him to work exclusively for etv.

“Some may call it being fired but his contract is not being renewed. The company wants him to only work for them and not on other productions and he was questioning that clause in the contract. He knows his value, which to some people may seem arrogant, but he is a gentleman, and he is not desperate. The company wouldn’t agree to some of his terms, and they parted ways, simple as that.” explained an insider from rtv.

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 Hlomla Dandala to Fill Zolisa’s Shoes in “Smoke & Mirrors”

The insider further revealed that etv has enlisted the talented actor Hlomla Dandala as Zolisa Xaluva’s replacement. According to the source, Hlomla will be joining the cast for season two.

“He is not coming in as another ruthless character who kills Caesar. He is coming in as Caesar Ngonyama and taking over from Zolisa. Tricky ne?” the insider disclosed before continuing, “He will be playing the role of Caesar and people will always try and compare them. That is something we need to brace ourselves for.”

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